Unlock the world of classical elegance

Learn Kuchipudi and Other Classical Dance Forms

Embark on a transformative journey through the rich heritage of Kuchipudi with Aparna Rao, delving deep into its graceful movements and storytelling

23 June- 24 Aug

In Person

Summer Camp-Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

5:30pm - 7pm

Instructed by

Aparna Rao

Certified Kuchipudi Dancer with 20+ Years of experience.

Learn The Elegance of Classical Dance

Explore the enchanting world of Kuchipudi dance under the guidance of Aparna Rao, an acclaimed artist known for her expertise and passion. Through her meticulous instruction, delve into the intricate footwork, expressive gestures, and emotive storytelling that define this classical Indian art form, experiencing the beauty and grace of Kuchipudi firsthand

Unlock the world of classical elegance

Why Choose Us

Expert's Guidance

Learn Kuchipudi with Aparna Rao, benefiting from her extensive experience and precise instruction for rapid progress

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in Kuchipudi's rich heritage as Aparna Rao imparts the history, stories, and traditions behind each dance, providing a holistic understanding

Artistic Inspiration

Immerse yourself in Kuchipudi's rich heritage as Aparna Rao imparts the history, stories, and traditions behind each dance, providing a holistic understanding

Join The classical World of Indian Dance Form

Aparna Rao

Aparna Rao is a seasoned practitioner of Kuchipudi, boasting a rich educational background that spans continents and disciplines. With a Master’s degree in Kuchipudi from the University of Silicon Andhra, California, USA, she also holds certification as a Kuchipudi dance professional from Telugu University in Hyderabad, India. Not limiting herself to the arts, Aparna holds a Master’s in computers from Osmania University, showcasing her versatility and dedication to both tradition and modernity.

Aparna’s journey in Kuchipudi spans over 20+ Years, during which she has evolved from a student to a revered dancer, performer, and trainer. Her formative years were under the tutelage of esteemed Gurus like Smt. Prasanna Rani and Pasumarthi, where she imbibed the essence of Kuchipudi in its various styles. Later, she delved deeper into the Vempati Chinna Satyam Dance style, refining her techniques under the guidance of gurus from the renowned Kuchipudi Art Academy. One of the highlights of Aparna’s training includes intensive immersion in “nattuvangam,” a crucial aspect of Kuchipudi, under the mentorship of the esteemed Guru Renuka Prasad. This dedication to mastering every facet of Kuchipudi reflects Aparna’s commitment to preserving and advancing this ancient art form.

Unlock the world of classical elegance

Who Can Join

Enthusiastic Beginners

Those who are new to Kuchipudi and eager to learn its basics and fundamentals.

Cultural Enthusiasts

Individuals interested in Indian classical dance and culture, regardless of prior dance experience

Advance Students

Experienced Kuchipudi dancers seeking to deepen their understanding,and master advanced techniques


Individuals with a passion for dance, who may not have formal training but seek to learn Kuchipudi as a form of art

Happy Students

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